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From the first show in 1996, at The Railway Hotel, Harrow, West London; to their 20th Anniversary, "Sold Out", appearance at the Hammersmith Apollo in February 2016; Who’s Who, the longest established Who Appreciation Show in the UK, have received incredible reactions across Europe and beyond for their exciting live performances and set a benchmark for others to follow. Widely respected and acknowledged by members of (and those close to) The Who, as the group that most interprets the songs of Pete Townshend and the legendary live performances of The Who, with honesty and integrity. Giving nothing less than 100% during a performance, Who’s Who ensure that a night to remember is guaranteed for those people who are able to to attend.
Fans of the band include:
Simon Townshend (The Who)
Kenney Jones (Small Faces, The Faces, The Who)
The Late Doug Sandom (The Detours & Friend of the band)
Peter “Dougal” Butler (Keith Moons’ right hand man)
John Schollar (Beachcombers)
Alison Entwistle
The Moon Family
The Strypes
Godfrey Townsend (The John Entwistle Band)
Johnny Marter (SAS Band)
Brett Buddy Ascott (The Chords / Fallen Leaves)
Martin Blunt (The Charlatans)

Other Notable Performances

Collectively played at 4 Who Conventions:
  • 1995 - Bottom Line, Shepherds Bush (Gary) Opening for Roger and John’s Quadrophenia Show
  • 1998 - The Astoria
  • 2006* - Bush Hall 
  • 2013 - Bush Hall
  • 7 Isle of Wight Festival Appearances
  • 3 Glastonbudget appearances
  • 1 Bournemouth Air Show
  • White label Productions preferred act for Lambert & Stamp Movie launch, Hackney; May 2015.
  • Quadrophenia Immersive - Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, February 2016

The 2006 Who Convention* featured the first ever airing to an audience of Quadrophenia as a 4 piece since The Who at Stoke in '73, which led Simon Townshend to declare, 

“What an absolutely brilliant band Who’s Who are!”

The Keith Moon Blue Plaque Reception at The Grosvenor Hotel in Mayfair, London in 2009, saw Zak Starkey watch the entire set, completely transfixed by the incredible authenticity and timing of bass player Terry Wyatt; prompting Zak to single him out for the kind of praise that only members of a rhythm section can truly understand, but coming from someone who played with the Great John Entwistle for all those years, reminding him of what he was once used to hearing, all the more memorable. 
On 11th February 2016, Who's Who played out the evening of Quadrophenia Immersive, a 4 dimensional insight into the film performed at the famous venue, alongside the original actors in the film, at a sold out Hammersmith Apollo, on a very special evening, to a very special crowd.  
Who's Who - Raw Power, Passion and Soul. 

That's what defines the members that make up Who’s Who. Their chemistry together, that comes from an understanding of each other as players; much like The Who themselves.  Any player will tell you that you cannot buy chemistry, and It serves as a testament to the reputation they have worked extremely hard to cement.  
Who's Who plays to its strengths, which is its collective talent as players and performers. The music will always comes first - played with honesty & dignity. This is no 'Stars in their eyes' wig wearing outfit!

As history rolls on; they have proved to be an essential ingredient to fans of The Who and the musical legacy it's left behind.
Full details are available on our gig guide below. 
Who's Who are:
Gary - Vocals
Pete - Guitar
Terry - Bass
Paul - Drums


What The Fans Say....All genuine. None of this Florence Foster Jenkins Type self praise........



Best bunch of guys one could meet, & boy what a great band.  Seen these many times and every time is brilliant! any Who or rock music fan, catch them if you won't be disappointed!! My book on Keith Moon 'Full Moon' on Amazon under Faber Finds or audio version

All the Best, - Peter 'Dougal' Butler. [Keith Moon's PA]


'Utimate tribute, Who's Who - The Who's official website.


"Great band, the closest yet .....and I've seen a few!!" Johnny Marter - SAS 

Band/ The Mods/Marillion/Mr Big.


Hey Guys,

 Saw the show last night and just thought I'd share with you my mini review. 

I'm not a fan of cover bands and I'm definitely not a fan of bands covering The Who so I went into this with a little trepidation. I went because my mate Chris said they were "pretty good" and since he got me into The Who in the first place, I thought I'd give it a go.


 I've just got home, I'm sweaty, my ears are still ringing and I feel like I've just caught a time capsule back from the 60's.

 I never got a chance to see The Who with Moon on the drums. I was lucky enough to see The Ox on bass but I was always envious of those who saw the original line-up back in the day.

 Tonight I watched Keith play. Tonight I watched The Who raw. Tonight I watched The Who like it would have felt back in the 60's & 70's. Prime Who. Loud. Raw. Primal. Four musicians totally in synch with each other creating a wall of noise like nobody else.

 I can't quite get my head around the drummer. He looked like Keith. He has the exact kit Keith played with, right down to the screws that hold it together, and as I said to him after the show, that's all well and good but you have to be able to play like Keith. And he does. Oh bloody hell does he...I really felt like I was watching Keith play in a small jazz club back in the Sixties.

 And then the bass player. John had a very unique style. One that I've seen people try to imitate but not get it quite right. This guy fucking nails it. There were a couple of songs where I just watched his fingers work the strings and the fretboard. Just wish he'd done a 90's solo on 5:15 to complete my night but, then again, that would have been wrong because everything about Who's Who is about recreating the feel of the original Who. 

I know I've mentioned the incredible similarity of the drummer to Keith but this isn't a band who base their act on trying to look like The Who. Sure, the guitarist wore a white jumpsuit, did the windmills and the Townshend leaps and the vocalist twirls his mic like Roger but you never felt like this was a group of guys pretending to be The Who. Tonight, they were The Who for everyone in the audience and I can't give them any higher praise than that.

Cheers, Mike Bussom, Actor, Film Maker, Writer


"Brilliant NIght !!! Thank you so much. We love the Who music and you did not disappoint. You delivered every track Brilliantly !!! Thank you so much. We will be seeing you again" - T. Harding - Midhurst


"Got to tell everyone I know to see you in the future.  I've seen some good interpretations of The Who, but this far exceeds anything before.  All the best and thanks." J.C York, Ventnor


“Absolutely storming show last night and one of the very best live bands you'll ever get the chance to see anywhere. If you've never seen Who's Who then you're missing a quintessential British rock music experience.  Thanks for another sublime performance gentlemen.”- L H, London​


"Sounded great!"- Bruce Foxton, (From The Jam). 


“I don't really like "tribute" bands, and rarely go to see them...but "Who's Who" are a different kettle of cucumbers...I've seen them 4 times now and they never fail to astonish me - if you close your eyes you will often think it's them 'orrible 'Oo lot themselves - fantastic. Of course the entire gig I'm watching  Moonie -Paul Kemp who's been Keith Moon longer than Keith Moon was Keith Moon...worth going to see live JUST for the opening drum fill of "Bargain". Thank you chaps, sterling work!!” - BB Ascott (The Chords), London


We've been lucky enough to see the real Who a couple of times and your attention to detail each time we see you is fantastic. Another great night had by all. Hope to see you again soon. L. B, Ludlow


Good night had by all, simply the best !!! Pete "Dougal" Butler, London


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